All the ICPKP techniques are designed to work with Nature, keeping energy flowing, and increasing vitality and wellbeing.

The current medical model is based on a system which is designed to interrupt and fight the disease process to help someone feel better. Sometimes it means we need to take medicines to keep a disease at bay. In the ICPKP kinesiology model, we prefer to work with a body to strengthen its own resiliance to disease, so that the practitioner and client together aim to create a human organism that cannot support a particular dis-ease.

If a person is unable to make a particular change, sometimes they might need a nutritional supplement. There are conflicting opinions about whether it is necessary for people to take nutrition over and above what is in their regular diet. ICPKP practitioners always use muscle testing to determine if supplements are needed to improve muscle function and they use organic food-based supplements. If you are working to go beyond health to wellness, it is not unreasonable that you might need additional nutritional support to help your body get there. In the ICPKP experience, supplements made from the things you would normally eat (e.g. carotenoids, phyto-nutrients, flavenoids) are much easier for the body to work with than supplements made from chemical copies.

Mother Nature has a lot of experience, and we want to tap into that.

If you want to get your love of life back, visit an ICPKP Kinesiopractor® and be prepared to be amazed at yourself.