Kinesiopractic® techniques can help you piece together some of the seemingly disconnected parts of your history.

As soon as we think we know the answer to something, we close out all sorts of possibilities; there is much more potential in the phrase “I don’t know”.

Some of our ICPKP techniques might seem a bit weird and mysterious, but who cares? So long as pain, stress or anxiety is decreased, a person can move more easily does it matter how they got there? We can come up with all sorts of theories from new science and holistic paradigms, but until the science is there to explain what happens, what is wrong with a bit of mystery? Philosopher Henryk Skolimowski says, “If we were to wait until we can prove everything, we should have to wait until our extinction”.

Your ICPKP practitioner won’t pretend to have all the answers. It is true that they have learned hundreds of techniques, they are well trained, and well-practised, but it is the client who makes sense of all the information that emerges in the session, and what makes sense to the client is more important than anything else.

After your appointment, things usually make more sense, and you feel better. There is joy in the journey.