Fiona Gass

Fiona Gass is a holistic health consultant, and has been working in the complementary health field for over twenty years.



She specialises in Kinesiology for balancing the body, mind & spirit; including personal development, goal setting, moving forward, performance enhancement, supplement advice as well as food sensitivity testing. Fiona's clients have come from corporate executives to schoolchildren... infants to the elderly... athletes to the couch potato... and everybody in between.

She is a highly qualified Kinesiologist and therapist, who has also been a physical education teacher and special education teacher.

Location: Renfrewshire


  • Professional Kinesiology Practitioner
  • Touch for Health Instructor
  • Educational Kinesiology
  • Reflexology & Massage Therapist
  • Diploma in Physical Education
  • Diploman in Special Educational Needs

Company: You Helping You

Position: Director/Practitioner/Teacher


Phone: 0141 887 7930

Mobile: 07818 082120

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Customer Comments: Fiona Gass

Blown Away

"My wife has occasionally been to see Fiona and always expressed her amazement and improvement, to which I would humour her with a nod and an acknowledging sound! However, I had never thought I would ever meet her until my wife suggested I go with my 'aches & pains'. Rather than try to deny my deteriorating physical state, I succumbed to my wife’s suggestion. WELL, I was absolutely 'blown away' with Fiona's knowledge & ability to get to the root of the problems. I came out of there feeling 10 feet tall. Yes, I will be back for more, Kinesiology is really fascinating. DB"

Confident & Happy

"My daughter is an intelligent 9 year old yet was having a lot of problems at school with reading, spelling and writing which manifested in behavioural problems at home. A friend suggested I take her to see Fiona, not only for Kinesiology but also because she was a qualified special needs teacher. My daughter just loved her, she assessed her & went through a series of movements that we were to do at home every day for 3 weeks. I could write lots and lots about the beneficial changes that took place in that time, however I think what sums it up is it's like having a new daughter, a new member of the family, who is confident and happy. She said to tell Fiona, 'Thank you for my new brain!' LM"

Change Your Life

"Having relationship problems is a very personal thing and I wasn't coping. I went onto the internet and found Fiona who was only a couple of miles from where I lived. I emailed her, she phoned me and we spoke, she was just great and I went to see her. What a blessing it has been helping me to work through issues that were causing me a lot of grief. It has completely changed my life. SW"